Adding Google Analytics to Your MyListing Website

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Submitted by: Donald McGuinn

Google Analytics allows you to track visitors on your website, determine where they are coming from, what demographics they are, devices they are using and so much more. It basically needs to be installed on every website you design (not just MyListing ones). But how do you go about doing so without slowing your website down and without having to know any coding knowledge? Sitekit by Google!

Google has released it’s official plugin for that allows us to connect Google Analytics (and all of Google’s other services) to your website. This makes it completely sealess to add Analytics to your site whether you are a developer or if you are a novice builder.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Plugins section of your website and click on “Add New”. Then search for “Sitekit”

Step 2:

Click on “Install” then “Activate” once it prompts you to do so. This is going to install the necessary files on your website.

Step 3:

Begin to configure the plugin by clicking on the blue button as shown here:

Step 4:

Follow all of the on-screen instructions to verify your Google account with Google and give it permissions to access everything it needs in order to work.

Step 5:

Underneath of the Settings for Site Kit, begin authorizing the different services you need. Some examples would be Analytics Tag Manager, Ads, Pagespeed, and others if needed.

You’re all done now! Your site is officially configured to use Google services. It is always best to do this once your site is LIVE. Configuring this plugin or even installing the plugin can cause issues with a URL mismatch once you push your site live.