Adding Membership Functionality to Your Site

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Submitted by: Donald McGuinn

If you have arrived here, you are most likely curious how you can add membership like functionality such as protecting the EXPLORE page, single listings, and other pages and show them to members only. If you haven’t noticed yet, we are running MyListing theme on this site AND we have a membership plugin installed on this site to protect certain pages basically from logged out members.

Step 1:

You need a membership plugin. But which one should you choose from? What does what you need to do and effectively?

We recently came across a deal on AppSumo called WishList Member (now sold out *sad face* ) and it does everything that we needed it to do in order to protect our content and to serve it to customers.

If you do not wish to use WishList, there are plenty of alternatives that can suffice:

Step 2:

Depending on which plugin you purchased, there are going to be different ways to secure your content. The most common thing to do is to navigate to the page you wish to protect on the backend, click EDIT, then somewhere on that page is the ability to restrict it to a certain level of membership. This membership was created during the setup process of your membership plugin. We created a FREE level on this site because we do not charge our members to view the content, submit content, etc.

Here we have the WishList Member page options for restricting content to certain levels.

Step 3:

Once complete, you should be prompted to login when visiting that page and NOT logged in to the site. Of course, the are various settings you need to set up and all that depends on which plugin you purchased.

Now you are ready to set up your MyListing site with a membership plugin to restrict members from accessing content that you want to hide.